Work Uniforms in the New Age Community

I would like to suggest that work uniforms for businesses owned by members of the New Age Community be some type of khaki with an accent color that matches the company’s marketing materials–unless a particular employee should wear business wear to work. Unless an employee is at the CEO level, or a partial business owner, they should purchase all work clothes from a catalog or catalog pages provided to them–that includes the business wear that they wear to work.

What do the rest of you who are New Age think?

Also, please see my post on my personal site at about the Universal Website Navigation. I mention the online store there and catalogs for small, medium, and large businesses. I think it would be best for us if businesses in the New Age Community that are small, medium, or large businesses would scan their catalog page-by-page and add an order/payment-taking sidebar to complete a normal page in the online store. Microbusinesses could have a regular online store, and the self-employed could have a ‘Store’ page that is a vertical list–usually with an add-to-cart/view-cart feature–like on my site

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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