Themes for Fashion

The following themes would be great for an inspiration for casual fashion: beach (including sunrise and sunset), wild fields with flowers, bodies of water. Mountains, forests, and deserts are good themes to inspire more formal wear. Black, gray, and white are great for professional wear and for formal costume wear such as tuxedos. Black, gray, and white are for normal business suits, dark and navy blue for a friendly approachable look in business wear, light and medium blue for an artsy look, and brown or green for a formal, elegant business look. Gems and the art tradition are great inspirations for designer, posh, and formal looks.

A formal look should involve very little skin showing–though pantyhose can be worn instead of tights, and often looks best. A spiritual look should cover everything but the face and hands in an opaque fashion. In warm climates or when unavoidable, feet can be shown. The art look should be sexy, rich-looking, and show off a perfect figure with glowing happy-looking skin all over the body. Casual wear can show off lots of skin and even skin that is ordinary-looking, in order to keep society from becoming stuffy–which usually results in oppression of first amendment rights, women, minorities, and smart people.

Thought I’d share,

Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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