The Role of Small, Medium, and Large Businesses in a Microbusiness Age

With the success of sites like ebay and etsy, it is clear we are entering a Microbusiness Age. In this new era of business, the customer will turn to small-size and larger businesses for consistency, reliability, and non-discrimination in a customer experience that is supposed to feel easy and not too personal. The customer wants the whole experience to be predictable, and for everything to work out as they planned. The Customer Care Statement and promises from the businesses need to be clearly positioned on the website under the Policies tab, and every interaction with the company on behalf of every customer needs to go exactly as described under the Policies tab–that includes online interactions with automatic computer services such as transferring money online between two personal bank accounts.

Microbusinesses are going to have personality, and focus on quality products from a person that is likeable to each customer list for each Microbusiness. They will be focusing on reliable service to a list of repeat customers, and the point of their websites will be to bring in new repeat customers that are naturally inclined to find that particular Microbusiness and Microbusiness owner likeable.

Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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