The Organizational Hierarchy In New Age Businesses

It would probably work best for larger New Age Businesses to take their existing organizational hierarchy and put it into the following categorization system:

  1. Sole or partial owners
  2. Supervising liaisons
  3. Shift Supervisors
  4. Entry-level workers

So, this will be for better communication, not to change any part of the hierarchy or who answers to who. It will help companies in communicating with each other as well. So employees will keep the job titles you have already given them, and will acquire one of the above titles as well.

Companies should describe themselves as being comprised of the following factors in their business communications with each other:

  1. Outdoor work
  2. Factory
  3. Warehouse
  4. Shipping and Customer Service
  5. Promotion: Catalog, Websites, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales (includes all online stores)
  6. Storefronts (all physical stores–both temporary and long-term)
  7. Product Design and Development
  8. Organizational Psychology and Documents (includes all internal communications and business record-keeping)

If you don’t have one factor, say Storefronts, you would say ‘7 Factors, No Storefronts.’ If you have no factory and no original products it would be ‘a company of 6 Factors, with no Factory and no Product Design and Development.’

Each department should be assigned to one of the factors in the organizational hierarchy while maintaining the titles and descriptors you have already given to it. Employees should be informed of which factor their department belongs to.

I think this will help us with speed and clarity when companies in the New Age community are communicating with each other.

New Age business owners need to divide themselves into the following subgroups based on their focus–if you are business stock, make sure to think about the focus of your relatives, since they are a part of your business network–1) jobs, 2) product, 3) services, 4) infrastructure and basic needs.

I just wanted to propose this idea to all of you for you to develop further.

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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