The Importance of Capitalism to the American people

It sounds tough, but it is always better to know something like this…Capitalism is King and God in America. This is non-negotiable. If you can’t live under this then you are living in the wrong country, and really would be best off moving. You do not have any chance of a happy future here.

I believe in human rights and I think that it is the Divine plan that we should all eventually be happy, after we have finished paying for our sins. So I am not sharing this to wish harm on you, but to empower you to avoid unhappiness.

We cannot stand people who think that their love lives are more important than making money, the strength of the economy, vocally supporting Capitalism in America, or teaching the world about Capitalism. Family does not come ahead of money, because life in America is unpredictable and expensive, and it is irresponsible to not be constantly aware of your family’s financial situation and financial stability or lack of it. Making sure you have money for emergencies is a primary way of being devoted to your family in American life. This nation is still basically wilderness, so money and products are still received as a form of sincere love.

Thought I’d share,

Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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