The Art World and Homemade Beauty Products

Because it is a professional necessity that artists look pretty, hot, and sexy in a particular way specified by their art genre, and not in some other way (which could be dangerous), the International Art World will be making many of our own grooming, hair care, and makeup products and will be mixing them with store-bought products. Men also need to look handsome, hot, and sexy, so they also will be making some of their own products. We can not risk being ignorant of ingredients during any period of oppression, and need this knowledge to deal with the fluctuations in our finances, so that we are always art-ready no matter how poor we are at that moment.

We will be focusing on two looks for our face and makeup: either natural or a ‘live stage performance’ look. Looks that are in-between and are for photos and videos will generally be done by a makeup artist or fellow artist and will be camera-friendly, but not necessarily look good on a date.

We also support internationally-standardized sizing for art-related wear. The sizes should be based on height down to the inch or 1/2 inch, and size 0 should be to look perfect in pictures, size 1 to look perfect in-person which would mean having the ideal figure, and size 2 for a healthy happy look–these descriptors are according to the ‘art look’ and might not be what is desired by non-artists dating other non-artists. This would mean a large catalog with the 3 sizes for each height at either the 1 inch or 1/2 inch in height distinction.

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, American Spiritual Poet

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