Spiritual Holiday in July

I am called to share with the New Age Community that it was made clear to me in meditations that July 7th every year should be ‘God’s Health Day.’ This is a day to pray for God to be healthy and happy.

For those of us who are monotheistic pantheists, this is also a day to pray for the health of the ‘Mana,’–as some cultures call it–or the Divine Energy on which all living things depend. If you want to understand monotheistic pantheism better, start by reading my free essay ‘The Freedom to Love’ on my personal promotional site at PromotionalCLillyJLekhan.com. Then head to your local library, and ask for more material at the reference desk. Once you have read about it at the library, you can start looking at websites, blogs, and online references for more information–if you are still interested.

Happy to share,

Lilly Lekhan, American Spiritual Poet

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