Prayer for Financing for the Art World

I come before the Lord now, on behalf of the International Art World–who are all my friends and irreplaceable assets to the show–to humbly beseech for us all, that we should be completely and lovingly–in peace and with respect and safety–funded in our work and life through the sale of links and acquiring of corporate sponsors–so that we are never again dependent on individual sales of our individual works. We shield this to be so, so that we may continue to give to our audience, for we are deeply fatigued as a people. And the show will not go on, and our work will not continue, if we are not lifted up by Thy Divine power and faith in us. By Your Glory and Your Great Mercy, it is so–now and forever after. Amen.

Prayer offered by Lilly Lekhan, American Spiritual Poet, and daughter of the Lord

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