(Mar 12, 2015):

The Sweetest Art List Customer Care Statement:

  • All of our customers will be treated with courtesy and with a uniform, non-personal, non-discriminatory respect.
  • Weekly emails are scheduled to go out to all customers on the same day of the week at the same time, however because of software limits on sending frequency, we cannot predict when customers will receive their weekly email. It is our goal that customers should receive their emails by Sunday evening, with the emails scheduled to go out on Friday evening.
  • PayPal handles all payments for subscriptions and all of their policies apply as to the payment process for our customers. We have set our settings with PayPal to accept foreign currency. For a refund, customers can either cancel their payment through PayPal, if that option is available to them, or can contact Customer Service at the email address listed on the Contact Us page of The Sweetest Art List official site. Our settings with PayPal allow us to offer a refund for 60 days after payment.
  • Subscriptions are for one year, and include 52 issues. All subscription levels–from the $5 to the $30 level–include the exact same items and access, which are a weekly email for 52 weeks and unlimited access to the Member Archives for 1 year.
  • All posts to the two websites of The Sweetest Art List, The Sweetest Art List social media pages, and the two personal sites of the founder are posted as open to the public. Posts to all pages will not be on a regular schedule, and will not have predictable or regular content. The Member Archives will be updated each week on the weekend with the latest weekly email content. Only the Member Archives on the official site are password protected, and not open to the public. All of the pay-for-access writings on the founder’s promotional site at PromotionalCLillyJLekhan.com are also password protected, and not open to the public.
  • The Sweetest Art List expects customers to not distribute our product on their own, however customers can chat with their friends and contacts about our product.


(Jan 11, 2015):

We don’t have any official policies now, but I wanted to have a tab for them. So I’m going to share our thoughts on taxes.

Official Policy on Taxes:

• We do not collect addresses of customers because of our global customer base–their addresses do not make sense to us anyway. Therefore, we cannot pay sales tax to any state but WV, because we do not know which of our purchasing customers live outside of WV, and in which state they live.

• We sell an information product with instant online-only delivery, therefore the sale, delivery, and use of the product happens in WV–technically in our office on The Sweetest Art List’s primary computer, for all customers. Therefore, all sales tax is due only to the State of WV, even when we are on vacation and using The Sweetest Art List’s primary computer outside of WV.

• We always choose to pay sales tax when offered the option to pay either sales tax or use tax. Therefore, the company selling us the goods handles all taxes of the sale and we should never owe use tax to anyone. It is the seller’s responsibility to make it clear that they are not handling the sales tax, in which case, we will not buy from them. Therefore, we are not liable for use tax regardless of whether we noticed or did not notice a lack of charge for sales tax. Anyone claiming that we owe use tax will need to contact the seller and bill them for the missing tax that is owed. We refuse to incur legal expenses to address that situation, nor will the CEO give her own labor hours to address the situation of the missing tax dollars.

Official Stance on Food Benefits:

The Sweetest Art List, like all American businesses, wants the American workforce and potential workers to be well-fed. It is in the business interest of American businesses to make an investment in the American population by guaranteeing that they eat properly. A guarantee of food is more important to the economy than raising the minimum wage. Therefore, we feel that Americans who cannot afford to spend $50/week on food should have their food budget supplemented with food stamps, and that this benefit should be delivered without hassle, with efficiency, and with politeness–almost as a “no strings attached” gift from the American business world. We also feel that it is in the economic interest of the country that Americans not be hassled or disrespected by any other American for using these food benefits.


(November 23, 2015):

Official Stance on the Benefits Program:

The Sweetest Art List feels that there should be a minimum required income for all Americans that should come from one or both of two sources: pay from work and government benefits. This will be like other countries paying settlers to live in border areas or unpopular parts of the nation, and is necessary because of the vast amount of wilderness in the US, and the depressed economy in most of the regions of the US that comes from having that much wilderness. Americans should have to prove that the sources of this required income are employers or the government–and this minimum income must be met in addition to any gifts from parents, relatives, or spouses. It is necessary for helpfulness in emergencies and for citizen soldiering that each American have enough money to fulfill society’s expectations about treating each other according to the American value system.

Official Stance on First Amendment Rights for Firms:

The Sweetest Art List supports all publishers in the US in having their full First Amendment rights, and is actively opposed to all governments and powerful or influential persons who want to take away First Amendment rights from American publishers. We are praying for any of our fellow US publishers who may be suffering a “publisher’s block” at this time.


(November 28, 2015):

Official Recommendation for American Benefits:

Since the question may come to Lekhan Publishing House because it is a publisher, and because the American benefits program has been discussed on The Sweetest Art List Notices and Policies pages, The Sweetest Art List would like to recommend that separate benefits programs be created for the following groups as follows: 1. benefits offices for military and government employees, 2. tax refunds through the IRS for anyone with an EIN number (this is the number employers use when paying payroll taxes to the IRS for their employees and that all businesses must have before considering hiring), 3. a working person’s benefits program, 4. DHHR offices in every state, 5. disability offices for any disabled person who sees a specialist for regular appointments, 6. an office for the homeless, 7. an office for the criminally-inclined. Those with savings in their names of a certain amount may state that their savings fulfill their minimum income requirement for the year. Each recipient of benefits should state whether they want the benefits to be called a ‘benefits payment’ or a ‘citizen soldiering payment,’ and the full amount should be classified under that description.


(May 19, 2015):

Causes Supported by The Sweetest Art List:

The Sweetest Art List supports libraries and believes them to be the second most important key to maintaining America’s economic health, after food benefits. We encourage all bloggers to include one or more libraries, anywhere on Earth, in their wills. The Founder of The Sweetest Art List, C. Lilly J. Lekhan, will be leaving most of her money to the Kanawha County Public Library and other libraries serving rural Appalachia.

The Sweetest Art List also supports book preservation, and is praying for you if you are in this field–thank you.


(May 28, 2015):

Our Spiritual Protectors:

The Sweetest Art List has been shielded to be protected by the Archangels Michael and Jophiel, and benefits from the friendship of the Archangel Gabriel. We welcome any of our readers to develop a direct relationship on their own with any of these three beautiful guides.

Our Primary Scripture:

The primary verse of scripture for The Sweetest Art List is Jeremiah 33:3 from the King James Version of the Christian Bible, which follows:

[And the Lord said:]

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”