Poetry and Romance

Like all professionals, poets are expected to uphold the basic values of their field–there are the obvious ones: literacy, intelligence, education, libraries and records, and a strong economy. Poets are also supposed to embody ‘Romance.’ This¬†does involve sensuality, sexuality, conversation, friendship, and trustworthiness. Unlike musicians who are heart-breakers and burn bridges, poets are very loyal to their lovers and would never burn bridges with a former lover, since all of their lovers are considered assets to their life that they may bump into again on their life-long journey–not as lovers, but in some other capacity.

Writers do not care about marriage and children, since every book really is as much trouble as a child, and marriage takes up way too much time from the ‘kids.’ Your books you have released are always with you–when you are a writer–and they will always come back to haunt you at random moments throughout your life. They take forever to grow up before you release them, and then they continue to be a security threat and a gossip-draw and to need rescuing well into your last years of elderly life. Sometimes they die (go out of print), and you have to keep re-explaining who they are. They also–happily–often go out there and do a lot of good for the world.

I hope this helps to explain where we poets stand on love, marriage, and kids. Please check out my free essay ‘The Freedom to Love’ on my personal promotional site at PromotionalCLillyJLekhan.com for more on a poet’s thoughts on love and romance.

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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