New Age Spa Evening at Home

If you want to have a New Age spa evening, do this at home by yourself: take a shower, soap off, and wash your hair with separate shampoo and conditioner. Then run a tub of fresh hot water, pour in 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup sea salt, and soak to have an aura bath. Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel, sit in a warm or hot room, and have hot water with lemon juice in it to clean the digestive system. Freshly-squeezed juice is best. Then give yourself a foot rub using lotion or oil with only wholesome ingredients. These will look like plants you recognize on the ingredients label.

The three keys to New Age health are stretching and gentle movement exercises, vegan food, and sleep. So you may want to enjoy these afterwards. Also, think about sitting outdoors in fresh air, in the sun, or near healthy greenery.


Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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