More on the Business Classes

Refer to the earlier post called ‘Business Class Hierarchy for the New Age Community.’ Here are some more details about how I think it will work best for those of us who are New Age and in the business world.

On business cards:

  • Class I: will carry normal business cards
  • Class II: will carry business name cards
  • Working Class: can carry personal name cards with their personal site’s URL if they feel like it
  • Disabled Class: can do whatever the Working Class is doing

On links and ads:

  • Class I: will be buying links and ads on Class I and Class II sites.
  • Class II: Most of Class II will not buy links or ads anywhere, will decide on whether or not to sell links and ad space, and may be given free links on the sites of business contacts and friends. Store owners can buy and sell links and ads just like Class I. All of Class II can post or hand out flyers, when done for free.
  • Working Class: Will not buy or sell links, but can be mentioned in the Updates section of a friend’s site or on a Class I or Class II site, with a free link to the working class person’s personal site.
  • Disabled Class: same as Working Class.

On social media:

  • Class I: will stay off social media, and will rely on company sites, emails, and online PR instead
  • Class II: can be active on social media, especially with posting and sharing flyers
  • Working Class: can stay on social media, especially for posting on life events
  • Disabled Class: can stay on social media, especially for posting on life events

Links that are not a business sponsorship or a form of advertising will be called info links. This includes the ‘shout-out’ link.

Store owners will be in Class II until they are ready to take the plunge and join Class I. They will have to be clear about terminology in their marketing and PR material, and on their sites, so that the public can tell how they are choosing to identify themselves. Class I is the ‘political class.’ All publishers are a part of Class I, because of the volume of world secrets that could potentially pass through their hands as soon as they put the sign above their door. However, journalists are either Working Class employees of a publisher or a company, or are self-employed–which would put them in Class II.

Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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