More on terms in fashion and business

As an American poet, I feel I should define some basic fashion terms for the world in non-industry-speak:

  • ‘Custom’–an artist makes it herself, whether a fashion designer or a professional paid artist in another genre
  • ‘Couture’–the mega rich looking their best in a brand by a publicly-known fashion designer
  • ‘Designer’–what a celebrity artist would wear to a non-essential professional event or outing
  • ‘Quality’–brand name and lasting; low-key wear for business owners
  • ‘Handmade’–anyone makes it themselves
  • ‘Artisan’–made by a professional at hand-made goods who does that for a living, but has no intention of making it or selling it at the custom level

Also, the difference between microbusinesses and self-employed persons with clients is that anyone who is civilized, polite, and paying with the proper currency can buy a product from a microbusiness, but self-employed people are choosy about their client list because it is the most crucial part of their professional branding.

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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