Links for Sale!

Ok guys–here is an illicit sneak peek into American small business capitalism! Yes!

I am offering Link slots on the Links page to display starting January 1st, 2015 for one year. The Links page is going to feature a brand constellation of PoetFounder-approved awesomeness! To keep the site looking so awesomely uncluttered I will only be selling 18 links: aiming for 4 in music, 3 in literature, 3 in education, and 8 in awesome products. And I WILL be pitching to the 3 schools I consider to be my alma maters: Boston University, Georgetown University, and Harvard University.

Links can’t feature ads and must have a clear distinguisher of your company or brand–like your logo or company name. You will be able to add your link, your distinguisher, and if you want, some text like a slogan. Links will be in a vertical scroll giving the page a roomy feel with plenty of space for your brand. I will be selling the links for $10,000.00 each per year (yes I did just let you see part of the confidential and proprietary business plan that will be copied by everyone else!), and I will be engaging in a super-elite direct mail marketing campaign at the beginning of January to faculty at universities in the Boston area (yes I just let you see the super-secret business plan again!)–YAY!

Because this website features an ongoing list, and because it is super awesome, I think the companies that buy links will stay on for multiple years ;)–so you’ll probably lose your slot if you don’t get in on this soon (Oh no)! Send me, Deepa Sampath, an email at if you are interested:).

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