Lekhan Publishing House Annual Spring Conference

In the future, Lekhan Publishing House will hold an annual Spring Conference in Boston on world art, for publishing professionals only. All food served will be vegan. Companies are welcome to send marketing materials that will be put into a marketing bag for each publishing professional. Please email Lekhan if you would like to give attendees a gift or product sample from your company. This will not happen for a few years so, we will keep you posted! We are aiming for May 3-9, and would like to invite other publishers to have their conferences during that week. It could be called ‘Publishing Week’ internationally.

Here are some details in case you are curious: The conference will be for 7 days with 3 events per day for a total of 38.5 hours. It will be in English, and will be open invitation to publishing professionals with a fee. Each day will have the same schedule: lunch, break, appetizers and art performance, break, dinner. Lunch will be 2 hours long, begin with a world prayer recited by a representative of that spiritual tradition, and will be a vegan buffet with assigned seating. After a break, there will be 1 hour of appetizers and virgin drinks while mingling in a cocktails room. Immediately following will be a 1/2 hour performance of world art with an explanation by the art group. Dinner will follow another break, and will be 2 hours with a vegan buffet and assigned seating. Your marketing bag, product samples, and gifts will be mailed to you ahead of the conference, and your gift bag from Lekhan Publishing House will consist of a nice box of assorted Saddhu-Style cookies, that are from a diet you can read about on Lilly Lekhan’s promotional site at PromotionalCLillyJLekhan.com.

The dress code will be as follows: elegant gray or businesswear, with a dress or business coat or jacket for men; and literary blue or businesswear, with a dress or business coat or jacket for women.

Thanks, Lekhan Publishing House

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