As a descendant from an old jewelry line in India, I thought I’d point out that the phrase “jewel-tones” needs to have an expanded meaning now that a larger variety of stones are common in jewelry in the U.S.. I wanted to start the discussion so that U.S. jewelry lines could make a decision on the matter.

It might work to describe 3 categories of jewel-tones:

  • Bright jewel-tones (ruby, sapphire, emerald, white diamonds)
  • Dreamy jewel-tones (amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, opal, moonstone, purple and pink diamonds)
  • Rugged jewel-tones (amber, jade, turquoise, pearls, garnet, yellow topaz, peridot, and yellow, brown, or black diamonds)

As a jewelry customer with–in my opinion–a pitiful jewelry collection, I would love it if jewelry stores would work into their business plans the percentage of inventory they will carry in each category. That way, other stores could come into town to fill up the under-served categories.

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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