Human Rights in the American Country

Though sometimes it may seem like there are no human rights in the American country (like with the Wild, Wild, West), there are in fact some basic rules that parents instill into their children that are actually quite profound.

1. A dog is a dog, and a person is a person–when you want to kill a man, you use a rifle. Some hideous people leave dogs in cages to die slowly instead of killing them. A person has a right to be shot in the head properly. You use a rifle because it is a long-range gun, meaning you have a greater chance of not getting caught. You are less likely to be distracted, so the shot is more likely to be merciful–meaning it will work instantly.

2. When you steal money in the country, there is no rich person who is going to replace it, so DON’T in the first place. Once it is stolen, that individual will never get it back, and will never spend it locally, which means the whole community has lost that money.

3. The country is not inhabitable without a proper benefits program, and business owners will be frequently kidnapped out of fear of jobs being cut if people get paranoid or suspicious that the benefits program has ‘exceptions’ or the option of ‘singling out your neighbor’ in it.

4. Though you love your wife, if you ever give her a survival advantage she will be singled out and hated. Then she might die. All the women in town have to have the same resources for survival, but different resources for shopping and indulging themselves based on how hard and how smart they work, and how reliable they are.

5. After you single one person out, everyone is paranoid, and no one will ever truly believe anything you say ever again.

This is what comes to mind now.

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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