Hiring for New Age Businesses

It would probably work best for those of us who are New Age to apply this way when seeking work with a New Age business, or any business owned by a New Age business owner.

Option One: Put up a full resume on a personal site–I am calling it a ‘Merged Resume’ now, but it is usually called a firm resume. Then email the business owner or the HR Manager and ask if they would consider taking a look at your online resume. Ask them to place you in an appropriate position if there is one open and you are a match, otherwise request that they keep you in mind and your URL in their files. You will have to always keep this URL with a resume up, or forward all web traffic to your new URL to an explanation page. Make sure an email address where mail will always be forwarded to you is on the first page of the Resume, in the contact info section under your name.

Option Two: Mail a printed Merged Resume with a cover letter to the business owner or the HR Manager. Once again, ask to be placed in any appropriate positions if you are a good match with the company, otherwise request that your resume be kept on file. Keep your contact info up-to-date with the company so you won’t miss your call back.

If you want to see an example of a Merged Resume, mine is up on my personal site at CLillyJLekhan.com on the News page in the post titled ‘Upload of Resume and Back Pages.’ When I mail my resume out, I have been folding it in half and using the same envelopes I used for the marketing packets for the launch of The Sweetest Art List. You can see this envelope and the rest of the marketing packet at PromotionalTheSweetestArtList.com.

Just wanted to start a conversation on this,

Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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