Elements of a Merged Resume

If you want to see a Merged Resume–which is what you would submit to join a firm or if talking about a business partnership–check out mine on my personal site at CLillyJLekhan.com. I think most Microbusiness owners will find it useful to put theirs online and to put up one for each of their employees. Put the headings in order as described below, and just enter ‘Not Applicable’ or ‘Private’ if there is nothing to share on that topic. This way your resume won’t look puny compared to everyone else’s. You can leave off the art-related headings if it really makes no sense to keep them, and you can’t think of anything to put there.

  1. Resume Proper: Skills, Education, Experience, Training, Personal, Memberships, Conferences, Clubs, Future, Patriotism, Community
  2. Back PagesCalled ‘Additional Information’: Talents, Credits, Certifications, Other Jobs, Activities, Languages, Speaking and Performance, Events, Teaching, Volunteering, Sports, Leadership, Genres, Scholarship, Inventions, Contributions, Online Presence, Summary
  3. Interview SheetCalled ‘Work Personality’: Interests, Race/Gender, Weaknesses, Strengths, Worker, Artist, Professional, Business, Job Titles, Spirituality, Other Info, Taglines

If you keep these headings in order so that the resume pretty much matches everyone else’s down the left column, your distinguishing info will really stand out, will be readable, and will be more easily remembered.

In your personal files, you should have a 4th section that you keep confidential called ‘Private.’ It should have the following subsections:

  1. Private Thoughts: these are your own thoughts on things like education you want to pursue, future plans, and career regrets, and also anything you might be leaving out of the resume. Make sure to keep track of differences between your online resume and the resume you hand in with applications–for example, if you changed someone’s name to Jane Doe, as I did.
  2. Thoughts for Interview: your responses to common interview questions and topics
  3. Notes on Past Employment: details of your work history like salaries, names of bosses, company addresses, dates of employment, etc.

Hope this helps!

Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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