Documentation and Communication in the New Age Community

It is our duty to be a witness to anything that is happening to any other member of the New Age Community, so we should all have a ‘witness’ file folder ready to put notes into in case something should come up. Make sure to record the date and time of the notes in addition to the date and time of the events.

Communications should be responded to within 3 days with full reading comprehension, and the response should be full and complete so that secondary communications are not necessary. However, the door should be left open for another reply. With emails we should cut and paste each section of the email, put it in quotes, and then respond in bold, italics, or a color section by section, after each quotation. This is common in the legal profession and is a good idea for everyone.

It is against our spiritual value system to reply with nonsense or to not reply at all. It is easy to find a polite way to tell the communicator to contact someone else please, and the reasons why you can’t handle the communication.

Nobody has a God-given or natural right to interact with any other person–not even the local or Federal government. The opportunity to interact with someone should be “paid for” with the “gift” of something practical–for example: money, flowers, intel, a sincere invitation to a fun activity, etc. You should decide ahead of time what practical thing you are going to offer before setting up the interaction. The government should probably begin a new practice of starting a communication with a restatement of a practical thing that is already offered to the recipient and is connected to the topic of the letter. The government should always send a written communication preceding, during, or after any interaction with anyone for any reason. A marketing flyer works for a group event or an open event for the public. This is also the rule when interacting with property or business interests of a resident living under that government. A communication that follows an interaction and is the only communication concerning that interaction should be sent out through a reliable method within one month of the interaction.

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Also, I thought I’d further a point on my promotional site at in an essay called ‘Organizing Ideas from an Entrepreneur.’ I talk about how I color code file folders in the essay and mention this coding system: yellow for legal notes; pink for customer details; blue for all incoming payments (from customers and links); purple for marketing, PR, and sales notes; green for notes from bank meetings and business meetings, and for company financial info including bills and salaries paid; white for other notes, miscellaneous notes, or anything that is for public view. I suggest we also use the following color codes: brown or manila for internal-only files that should never leave the building; gray for files to go to or be kept by management; black for files for government view; orange for files that have emergency info like first aid info; red for files that must be taken in an evacuation. Patterned folders can be used for other files, temporary files, and special projects. When we are showing our files to anyone in the government (including the IRS), we would need to switch them to folders that are either white or black, and then refile them with their appropriate colors after the government officials leave.

Just sharing my thoughts,

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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