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Please note: The Sweetest Art List is not a non-profit organization. The Sweetest Art List is a product of Lekhan Publishing House, which is owned solely by C. Lilly J. Lekhan or Lilly Lekhan, for short (aka Deepa Sampath). Lekhan Publishing House is a small independent publisher releasing in English to the U.S., that is a book preservation and world rare texts publisher. If you would like to contact Lilly Lekhan concerning a world rare text, please email her or send a letter to the above PO Box. If it is an emergency and you have her phone number, you can text her–or you can ask the Charleston, WV police department to relay a message.




About the blogger: Deepa Sampath is a poet and psychology girl who has always noticed awesome art, music, and literature. She is happy to share her thoughts with you here!

Deepa has a BA in Psychology and Sacred Arts from Boston University from an honors program where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She also completed a certificate in Marketing at Georgetown University in 2011, and finished first-year Sanskrit at Harvard University in the summer of 1997. She graduated from George Washington High School in Charleston, WV in 1996, in the top ten and as a National Merit Finalist. She has worked as a medical assistant at a Pediatrician’s office, at two major bookstore chains, as a children’s librarian, and in customer service at a large hospital.

Deepa is the poet and founder of The Sweetest Art List. Deepa is a spiritual poet and a fiction poet, under the penname C. Lilly J. Lekhan. The C stands for Clarity and the J stands for Joy; Lilly Joy Lekhan means “sprung from the lilly-joy document.” You can call her Lilly and the last name is Lekhan, pronounced ‘Lake-in.’ The Sweetest Art List is the first to publish Lekhan’s poetry, and the image below is the pictograph of Lekhan’s full penname.

Lekhan has had significant art experiences in multiple genres starting from her childhood years in Charleston, WV. Her first professional art experience was with WV PBS in junior high school where she presented two original speeches, one on silence and one on the environment, in the early 90’s. Lilly Lekhan plans to spend a career as a blogger or newsletter writer/editor.

Lekhan comes from Tamil-speaking business, banking, and jewelry stock in India, and is Hindu/New Age. Her primary spiritual guide is the Archangel Michael, and her primary spiritual path is: to serve God, and speak the truth.

Lekhan is called to someday be a small independent publisher under the name Lekhan Publishing House, and will one day be working with local libraries, universities, and museums on the storage, translation, and publication of rare texts from around the world, of a literary, historical, or spiritual nature. Lekhan will also–in the future–work with local law enforcement, the FBI, local resorts and hotels, and local airports, to make it possible for scholars to come from abroad to analyze the importance of the manuscripts, and write up a review for journals of scholarship.



C. Lilly J. Lekhan

C. Lilly J. Lekhan