Business Class Hierarchy for the New Age Community

I am called to share this: these classes are not based on income, revenue, or profits.

  • Class I: current small-business owners, medium-size business owners, and large business owners who are either sole owners or partial owners.
  • Class II: Anyone who could one day successfully run, if needed, either: a tourist shop, a fashion retail store, a grocery store, or a Microbusiness from their home. This includes the self-employed with clients.
  • Working Class: Entry-level workers and shift supervisors who may make low pay all the way up to upper middle class pay.
  • Disabled Class: Those with medical and/or occupational disabilities. All unemployed who are not stay-at-home parents are demonstrating an occupational disability.

The New Age community will tend to go from Working Class to Class II, and skip the traditional mid-level jobs in companies.

The New Age community is called to vote in elections only for candidates from Class I, and to pray that only candidates from that class are put forward. Members of the New Age Community who want to run for office should move from Class II to Class I, and succeed there for a period in preparation for announcing their run for office.

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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