Being a Working Person in the New Age Community

As you have noticed, this blog has information for the New Age Community to discuss standardizing our business practices–something we haven’t started doing yet. Work is very important to members of the New Age Community and a central part of our spirituality. You can look at my resume to understand the following image and explanation better–it is on my personal site at on the News page in the post titled ‘Upload of Resume and Back Pages.’

It would be best for those of us who are New Age to think about our working selves in terms of a career ‘star’–or a ‘work star’ diagram, with five points.

  • Point 1: this is the work we do for our communities in emergencies that is as important as citizen soldiering would be in a time of need. We often think about this as ‘standby’ work. Mine is to be a non-JD Constitutional lawyer and a special event-planner for the State government.
  • Point 2: this is our volunteering work for the community, usually also done on standby. Mine is to be an MC for classical performances from any part of the globe wanting to open in Middle America.
  • Point 3: this is our paid work. For the New Age community this will almost always be self-employment work or work owning a Microbusiness as a full or partial owner. Mine is to be the sole owner of a small independent publisher (as a Microbusiness) called Lekhan Publishing House.
  • Point 4: this is the work we do for personal fulfillment. Mine is being a professional poet and a vegan recipe writer.
  • Point 5: this is the work we do only for God, and will probably never do for pay. Mine is being a land healer.

In your Point 3 work–which you do for pay–you must be able to take instruction and understand the politics of that industry. In your Point 4 work–which you do for personal fulfillment–you must be masterful at the politics of that industry.

I think it will be helpful to talk about our ‘career star’ with each other as needed.

Thanks, Lilly Lekhan, Poet and Founder of The Sweetest Art List

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